The night before “Two” and all through the house…

Dear Godguys,

April 5 – Mom told me Sunday is a day of rest. Mom said that means me. How am I supposed to rest? I’m on the edge of 2!!! I feel all wiggly inside. Instead of having me rest in my room, we went to play tennis in the stroller, but Mom and Dad wouldn’t let me play. They wanted me to sleep – can you imagine? I calmly told them I wanted to play and they got all upset and nearly careened my stroller off the sidewalk they tore out of there so fast. Then we went to play in the grass nearby, but the grass was up past my knees. It was really hard to walk, so I had to run instead. Mom and Dad shouted at me to stop, but the road beckoned, and I figured I could beat them. No such luck, they got mad, and we went home. Spoil sports!

April 6 – Happy Berfday to Tot! I like berfdays… I got presents. Flappy came today, but I think his wings must have gotten tired, either that or someone knocked him over the head, ’cause he was in a box, all taped up. And that old lady that was at your house came to my house. I guess she gets around. I’m kind of surprised she didn’t try to eat Flappy, but she must have been full from the fly, the spider that wriggle and jiggled etc, the absurd bird, the cat, the dog, the goat, the cow and the horse. I don’t even eat that much, though I think I got close once. Thanks for Flappy and the old lady too. Mom tried to take a nap with Flappy, but I wouldn’t let her. He’s mine, and she’s supposed to stay awake and play with me anyway. We had a tea party with real teacups, but Mom wouldn’t let me hold the cup. She’s such a killjoy. When she wasn’t looking I stole a strawberry off my cake – hee hee. But once she put a slice on my plate, the thrill was gone. I like berfdays… I got presents. Maybe I’ll have a berfday tomorrow too. That would be good.

Lots of Love – Tot – recently upgraded to TWO

imgp20621 imgp2098 imgp2106  Your present was hard to open…

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