The TOTinary

All kids seem to have their own special quirks when it comes to pronounciations.  My family still uses some of the favorites we picked up from my various nieces and nephews and my nieces are 17 and 19.  My neighbor has commented on Tot’s incredible diction for her age, and while Tot can pronounce nearly perfectly most of those tongue twisting dinosaur names, she does have a little trouble with some much simpler words.  So this Totinary is for her Nana and Papa and aunts and uncles and cousins to understand her.  Of course there are more that I can’t remember, and what’s especially cute is the way she says them.

Ba-Zert = Dessert

Zausted = Exhausted

Reglier = regular

LUUberries > Glueberries = blueberries

Picy = spicy

flammily = family

BaRella = umbrella

BaRaff – giraffe

BaNilla = vanilla

Almonds = olives    (no mistake)

Plano = piano

Favorite phrases:

Does that sound good?

Whatchu talking about, …  You talking about me, guys?

Just a little more…

Pickles, my big white cat

Mmm, can’t ‘member

I dunno

MOMMY, I need you Mommy

Let me OUT

P.S.  I’ll try to update this if I remember more….

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