This ain’t your “reglier” zoo

Our critters are always entertaining, but lately they’re getting downright …..  hmmm, what’s the word?   nuts.

Pickles has decided to take up a new vocation.  The squirrel chasing just wasn’t working out.  So, he’s decided to become a garden statue….  Whaddaya think?

Barkylthorpe  decided she was a Carolina fan, and insisted on showing her support with Carolina blue.   It is her color, isn’t it?

Devil cat staged a coup and took control of the remote.   She insisted on watching Olivia partly because she was craving bacon, and partly because Olivia’s got an attitude that she totally relates to.

Miss Whiney Bits thought she was a Christmas present to someone, but I’m not sure she  counted on Tot finding her so quickly.    Notice my ice cream cone ornament that was supposed to be a hot seller, but alas.

Pickles almost got arrested for peeping.

Devil cat tried to pass herself off as a princess, but wasn’t quite sure how that whole princess and the pea thing was supposed to work.    She did her best with what she had available, but we weren’t buying it….

And Bergylsnorpe is omitted here, not because he doesn’t do the craziest things, but because he’s a total wuss —  camera shy because he thinks the flash will GET him.  Either that, or he thinks the camera will steal his soul…   I didn’t think cartoon characters had souls.

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