This Face…


I get this face a lot.  And a slight variation is the one below.  Her brow gets a good workout around me.  Somehow she can’t quite believe somebody put ME in charge of HER.

What were they thinking?

Quite frankly, I can’t believe it either.  She is much better at being in charge.   Quite energetic and emphatic about everything.

Get UP Mommy.

DANCE, Mommy.

RACE with me Mommy.  I WIN!!!


Mommy, I’m King.

(when she’s not a princess…)

Ever since she was born, she has been the queen of scowl.  Skeptical of her parents and everyone else.  Oh, she has a beautiful smile and a wide range of wonderful and charming expressions, but her scowl is exceptional, especially when she comes up with gems like this one.

She calls for me and I go to her.  She then claims that she doesn’t want me…, she wants her parents.

I reply that I am her parent.


I want Nana and Papa to be my parents.

I agree – I want Nana and Papa to be your parents too.

For a day or two anyway.

See what I mean?

This picture was taken on her first birthday…

Like I was trying to put one over on her…

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