Those darn aliens have been at it again…






















Who are you, and what have you done with my daughter?  Listen up alien, I’m turning you in!!!  Look at her trying to use those pink gloves to tune in to mother ship out there in outer space.  


Hello, 911?  I’d like to report an abduction.  My 2yo Tot has been abducted.  She appears to be here, but really it’s someone else.  I think the body snatchers came to visit.  No, I’m not on drugs.  Well, not hallucenogenic drugs, just prescription stuff.  No, I’m feeling fine… uh, as fine as I can be when this short impostor kept me up for two and half hours at 3 in the bleeping morning bopping around her room, singing, playing like it was the middle of the day, and then she STILL got up early.  I think maybe it’s an experiment by aliens to investigate how to drive a human crazy.  But I’m bringing in backup.  She’s outlasted both me and Mr.Tot, so her grandparents are coming.   She’s been crankified, at least during daylight hours.  Hmm, maybe she’s part vampire.  And her logic board has been shorted out.  Yes, I know she’s two, but if she asks for banana bread, you might expect that she WANTS banana bread.  But no.  A half hour of screaming, flailing-all-appendages-on-the-floor insistence on wanting something I was trying to give her was a tad frustrating for both of us.   And that’s just one small example.


Free tot, first come, first served…  Anyone?  no? 


Well, Grandparents have to love you, right?  

I think I may have to take a drive… 

and get lost….

for a week, or three. 

Just let me know when the real Tot returns…

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