Thoughts from a Turtle, perhaps Yertle, but I think not….

ME, and the crowd:   Turtle:
Just raking some leaves out of the way in the garden…   What the hey, man? Who’s messing with my mellow?
My Rake hits something hard….   Where’s my camouflage going? What a rude awakening!
What the heck is this?   Acckkk, I’m going airborne! Retreat, retreat!
Ackk, it’s moving!   Whoaaa, what goes up must come down, but where’s my parachute?
Hey Blondie and Tot – want to see a turtle?   Oh great! Now I’m on display like a circus elephant.
I put the turtle down near them…   Well, if you think I’m going to do some neat tricks, you’ve got …
Blondie gets up close and personal with said turtle   Ackk, retreat! Retract all appendages! Whew, that was close…
Hey I wonder if it’s Yertle?   Who the heck was that coming at me at the speed of light?!!
Yertle, come out, come out, Hey look! he’s peeking out   Is the monster gone yet? Time to book it out of here!
Look at Yertle go!   Hey I see jungle ahead, maybe I can hide..
He’s trying to snuggle up to the tomato plants…   And who’s this Yertle they keep calling me?
Now where’s he going?   Guess I will have to make a break for the woods and freedom
He’s almost stuck – teetering on the peaks of the tilled dirt.   Man, where did all these moguls come from?
He gave up… No, he saw Blondie…   Ackkkk, reverse, reverse! and kick in the turbo charge!
Look, He’s hid his head in the grass   I’m no Yertle, Dr. Suess, just a quiet little fellow named Mack…
Guess we better leave him alone…   Aw stiddleficks, why, why, WHY did I have to hide under THAT leaf pile?
That was fun!   Just breathe… breathe, breathe…. Does this qualify as torture?



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