Tot-tart Dilemma

Let me preface this story by saying that I heard somewhere that the most popular grocery item purchase after a disaster is poptarts.  With all we deal with, I figure I’m entitled to eat poptarts on a daily basis.  Unfortunately, my daughter feels entitled to the same, and I’m not comfortable with corrupting her in this manner.   It’s also one of the easiest snacks to keep handy in the car, (that and Cheez-its which have also become an addiction) without worrying about spoilage or making too much of a mess.  And since I’m often running errands and rarely keeping track of the time or meal schedule, we often end up snacking in the car, on -you-guessed-it, poptarts.  So, quite often, as soon as we get in the car, Tot asks for … Tot-tarts.  How appropriate!

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