Tot Turns Four

The Tot is turning 4 this next week, and we had the party today.  I am toast.  Mr.Tot and I did our usual bustle and hustle to make it all happen, and I survived fairly well.  UNTIL.   Afterwards Tot wanted to play.  I’m not sure if it was just the straw that broke the camel’s back or whether she uses Kryptonite, but man, she sapped my strength.  Good thing Mr.Tot made dinner, ’cause otherwise we would have starved.  And THEN.  It was my turn to put her to bed.  It was 11pm before she finally stopped flopping around.  I know, I know – my own darn fault for not making her fall asleep on her own….   Now I feel like a puddle.  If she wakes up early, I swear I’ll ….   Maybe I should lock the door now.


At least her party went well.  Since we had little boys attending, I didn’t want to do the princess theme.   Instead we did “Adopt a puppy” theme.  No, not REAL puppies, though I think we did scare a few parents with that one.  Tot wanted cats involved too…

We put all the puppies to be adopted in Bergylsnorpe’s crate.  Of course, while we were preparing, Tot decided she needed to be a pepper, I mean a puppy too.

We decorated with Tot’s stuffed toy cats and dogs and used the dog house and cat chapel we made ages ago, along with various other touches.

Tot and I also turned cardboard boxes into dog houses for all her friends to decorate for their new puppies.  We also provided dog bowls,  and neck kerchiefs.









I am not a cake person and Tot doesn’t eat cake, though she LOVES the idea of cake.  So first I considered making mini cupcakes, but then decided cookies would be better.  It took a bit of convincing for Tot to agree but she did.   And it was quite an adventure.  I got inspired by the Hello Cupcake book and internet browsing, but couldn’t bring myself to color any frosting or do fancy tips.  I just went a little nuts buying candy and anything that might work to decorate.  It would have been a little more fun had it not been 11 o’clock last night.  And I had to redo a few because they were just too scary.  A couple looked more creature-lurking-in-the-sewer-like than cat or dog.  My favorite handiwork are the Saint Bernard and my Pickles cat.  I decided to keep my sanity and NOT have Tot help me with these.  But she did help me make the chocolate shortbread dogbones, fire hydrants and cats.  I had to throw her a bone, so to speak.

And, oh…  Tot still didn’t eat them.  She just picked a few candy pieces off and called it a day.  no wonder she’s so tiny.



IMGP6314 - Version 2 This is the cookie version of Pickles….  The resemblance is uncanny, isnt it?  Though it’s a wide awake version, not the slit-eyed version, and the real Pickles would have a vole rather than a fish, but funny thing — they don’t sell gummy voles… IMGP6286


IMGP6322We also came up with various games – Pin the tail on the cat or dog, Red Rover, Woof Woof Meow (otherwise known as Duck Duck Goose), and Dog Trainer Says (aka SImon Says) BUT like the best laid plans, we didn’t play a single one.  The kids were having a blast without them.  So be it!    Though the face painting was a HUGE hit.  As was the crate….

Blondie, now 14, did provide entertainment  of his own — pillow fights, wrestling and general chasing.  He was a Pied Piper of sorts with most of the kids running behind or ahead.  The general noise and chaos level was at a maximum.

Mr.Tot also downloaded the song – WHO let the dogs out.  That was amusing.
















And finally here’s the whole crowd with their personalized doghouses and inhabitants.   And there you have it.  The PURRRfect party.  (Couldn’t resist)

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