Tot’s auspicious beginnings

We should have known at the start what we were in for….


This was her first encounter with the scale, only minutes old or rather young.  Dramatic to be sure, but haven’t all women felt this way at some point, perhaps every time we step on the scale?  As Mr. Tot put it, “thus begins her lifelong relationship with the bathroom scale.”   She knew what was what even then.  She’s no dummy.


Tot gives us her opinion on matters. And has insisted on giving us her opinion ever since.


Tot lays her finger aside her nose – she’s in on the secret…  Though what that secret is, I”m not sure.  She’s way ahead of me.

Hula    Go'way

Even less than a  month old, she was already dancing.  Note her cool moves.  The first looks like the Hula, the second more like a climbing move.  I’m surprised she hadn’t started her spinning yet!

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