Tot’s Day at Camp

It was a marvelous day.  A day like no other, …  until tomorrow.  Tot went to camp.  ALL day camp.  We dropped her off a little after 8 am.  Camp runs until 6 pm… yes, that’s right 10 hours!  I was a little worried about the length of time, since she had never done something that long, and she has the not-so-insignificant matter of encopresis.  Except she’s now on double doses of laxatives, which makes for some horrendous messes.  The camp management was very understanding and worked with me.  They have in-and-out privileges – you can take your kid out and bring them back at any time during the day, and they said she could wear pull-ups.  They can’t change diapers, but would call me if she needed a fresh pull-up.  We live very close by.  She’s good about trying to go when there’s a potty break from her preschool routines.  So, off she went to make new friends, no hesitation at all.

And off we went to exercise!  which we haven’t done in a couple months.   Oh, is that going to hurt tomorrow.  I did some errands, and checked back with her early afternoon to make sure there were no problems.  Tot flung herself at me. I asked her if she wanted to go home or stay, and she wanted to stay.  The leaders said they have nap time between 3 and 4.  I told them I doubted Tot would sleep.  They said, “You’d be amazed.  The ones you don’t think are going to often do…  Sometimes it’s 10 minutes before the end, but they do.”  I’m thinking, “No, you’ll be amazed. ” Tot doesn’t believe in naps.  It’s against her religion.

I headed back to pick her up about 4:45, thinking she’ll be tired and ready to come home.  HA!    She sees me and says, “What?”  I tell her it’s time to go home.  ”Why?”, she counters.  She begs me to stay longer.  Success!  She made it through her first day with no accidents and loves it. (… well, except for that boring nap time of course)  Though having no accidents was a near thing.  About 5:30 or so, the Senokot train came rushing through.

Tomorrow she gets to stay until 5:30…   Well, maybe 5:20.

On top of all that, you’d think she’d be exhausted, right?  You’d think she’d look like this:





You’d be wrong, oh-so-wrong.

She was just hiding from the camera…

No, on the contrary, she was very bubbly…


















Sorry, couldn’t resist.

But she was literally running circles around us, between us, over us.  I think camp revved her up.

And I have friends, several in fact, who have told me that their kids take a nap because a 2 1/2 or 3 hour program wears them out.  Light-weights!!

She’ll be in camp all week.  We’ll see if they make a dent in her energy level.  I doubt it.

If only I could siphon off some of that energy for ME!!

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