Tractor riding Tiny Terror

Hey God gram,

It’s hard measuring a moving target.   Just what are you cooking up?

I have to tell you – I went to the Thrift shop today and found a tiny little bike with training wheels

in good condition and pink and shiny, no less for $5.  Tot’s not quite big enough but might be by Christmas or at least her birthday.  I figure she’ll love it BUT then I went to Lowe’s to pick up some filters and we came across what she really wants — A John Deere lawn tractor.  I had to drag her off it kicking and screaming ….  and I only succeeded because I watched for her to take her hands off the wheel.  I’m one of those moms other shoppers look at with horror and pity.

I think she’s hit her terrible twos already…  At least, I hope so, otherwise I’m not sure I can handle the real twos!!!  Everything is Noooooooo, refuses to sit in a shopping cart, lots of melt-downs, and I can’t seem to sit down but I’m in HER spot….    At least she’s adorable, otherwise she’d be locked in the closet….  We’ve decided to start swearing in pig latin.  Then at least it will be funny to hear her mimicking us.

Maybe we should send her to visit her godparents for the next 6 months!!!    ;’)

She can tell you what some of the animals say…

Lots of love,

Mother of the Tazmanian devil….

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