Tricked and tot-napped

Dear Godguys,

Someone tricked me.  I think it was Mom and Dad – can’t trust them for a minute!  Last I knew I was at your house.  Something must have happened while I was sleeping because when I woke up, I was on a plane home already.  I think I had a dream that you said goodbye, but it’s all so fuzzy  Though Mom told me you packed the picy pep’roni just for me.  Dad said I ate 2 adult servings for lunch.  What’s adult mean?  I had a great time on the plane and in the airport making mom and dad chase me.  Somebody made it dark here before I was ready.  Mom tried to put me to bed, and then dad came to play with me.  I think I wore them out because then Neyyie came to see me.  She put the music on.

Mom found your key in her pocket.  I love pockets. I put lots of things in my pockets.  Oh, she wants to know if she should mail it to you or if Dad should bring it with him when he flies back in April.

Come play with me.  I have lots of fun toys too, godgram.  You would have lots of fun here.  I love you too.

Tot - A whole lot of cute packed in one tiny tot

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