Vacation, what vacation?

First of all, let me give the 30 second update on the last blog entry…


1)  Tot has infections in both ears, not swimmer’s ears, the other kind of infection, which is weird, because she’s never shown any sign of a cold or runny nose, until today.  It wasn’t pretty.  ’nuff said.  Now you will recall that I had grilled her on whether she had any pain anywhere.  Granted a two year old’s answers are not necessarily reliable, but I have always had the impression that her pain threshhold is extraordinarily high.  Right in front of the doctor, I asked her if her ears hurt. “No.”  Her doctor said the infection was about an 8 on a scale of one to ten and was in shock that she was not in pain.  


2)  Hubby still has non-stop headache.  All of my suggestions have only seemed to make things worse – the ice pack on the back of his head, and using the Neti pot.  Much worse.  Though the Neti pot did make him feel like he was spinning like a ballerina.  So really I just helped to diagnose him.  He’s repressing his desire to be a ballerina – just needs a good therapist.  Um, wait… no that wasn’t it.  Oh yeah, we now think he probably has an ear infection or three as well…  Hmm, for not being contagious, we sure have a lot of ear infections around here.  Remember back when I was doing my little waterboarding experiment?  I had double ear infections as well!!!!  So what the HEY???  Is there something in the air around here.  Not only that, but both Pickles AND Bergylsnorpe have to get drops in their ears all the time….  Maybe Devil Cat is sneaking around in the dark drooling in our ears or something…  Or maybe it’s an alien experiment.  Yeah, I’ll go with that one.  


3)  I survived another night at the Sleep Clinic, but barely.  I had to sleep with a CPAP machine, and the mask fitting process was a bit alarming.  The nose plugs were the smallest but caused the most claustrophobia.  Breathe in – fine.  Breathe out – can’t-do-it, open my mouth, try to protest – can’t-speak – AGHHHHH!!!   I did manage to sleep but had a headache every time I woke up, including 5:40 AM!!!!  which is when they woke me up….  Did I mention my average wake time has been about 8:30???  So I went home in the dark and went back to sleep.  And then felt even crappier.  So.  I’ll find out in a few weeks if they think it helped or could help.  I’m thinking no, but they claim it can take more than one night to show results.  I sure hope so!!!  So in addition to my sleep walking, I can be a real life character in Mr.Tot’s nightmares.


Was that 30 seconds worth?  Now you know why I’m always late….  I can’t estimate how long anything will take….


For the sake of closure, I offer this short photo account of part 2 of our vacation.  Umpteen years ago or rather last month, we went to Cape Cod to visit with my family for a few days.  Despite the sub zero temperatures (relative to our toasty weather, that is) we had a fabulous time.  

CCpowowNote the winter clothing.




















Blondie tried to dig his way to China in an attempt to figure out to which country all the Chinese kids dig.  CC-family













Piano man tries to swim out to sea.  CC-waves











Tot jumps the waves.    CC-lifeguards















Tot starts earning her keep.  But I wouldn’t go swimming just now if I were you… 













Anyone need a late night snack? Doubledecker cousin sandwich?












Tot gets a manicure….  good thing this was after the last picture… 

















Tot gets her action and cousin fix.   















Nana and her mini-me.






















Papa to the rescue.  





















Not sure who this guy is, but I think he was following us around…








Other highlights:  getting voted to sleep in the shed,  seeing Blondie get ALL the way in the 67° water and loving it,  Tot having three minions at her beck and call,  trying to repack the car with all the extra stuff Nana tried to give us without it exploding like a cartoon when you opened the doors.


Oh and a post script to the travel portion – Piano Man totally got us out of all the waiting lines.  We really want to get him this t-shirt  and we’ll get ones that say “Yeah, and we’re with him”

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  • Sherri

    I have heard that it does take a little while to get used to the CPAP machine but that once you do, wow what a difference!

    What did Blondie find out about the Chinese kids?

    Did Piano Man get far into his swim?

    You look fabulous & I love Tots manicure.

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