Walking the Tot or a 3-leash circus

Whoever said “Necessity is the mother of invention” really knew their stuff.  Just the thought of walking the dogs with Tot on these hot days with her meandering into the road or hunkering down picking over the pebbles for 20 minutes while the Barkylthorpe nervously pulls my shoulder out of the socket, and Bergylsnorpe just bounces all over the neighborhood as usual, puts my brain into high gear searching for ideas on how to minimize my pain.  Our friendly neighbors are not always available for a Tot visit during dog walks, soooo….


I came up with what I thought was a brilliant solution.  Tot has a little froggy backpack which she loves.  It has on it a little tab, perfect for attaching, yes, a retractable leash.  So, after hooking up the dogs, I put her in her fuzzy little frog, hooked her up to her leash.  I thought better of the corded one and swapped it for the tape leash.  And we were off.  I have to admit, I was rather nervous the whole time what with 3 leashes to keep straight and clear of Tot, but it was a hell of a lot easier than with her off of it.  I was able to nip in the bud all those thoughts of checking out the pebbles, heading for the middle of the road, and best yet tiptoeing through the poison ivy.  I even was able to slow the speed of a fall and thereby ease the pain of skinned knees.  It was not exactly a walk in the park, but it was remarkably easier and quicker than the previously clocked 56 minute walks we had previously experienced.   


And what prompted the telling of this story came this morning when I went to give the dogs their potty break.  Tot wanted to go with me, despite the fact that we were just going to the end of the driveway.  When I headed for the door, she started bawling and pleading with me, something I couldn’t make out since she was crying.  I had to get her to calm down before I could understand that she wanted her collar on to go out with the dogs!!!!  So out we went – she even took HER little dog for a walk on his little tennis ball feet.  I would have taken a picture, but with my hands full of 3 leashes, it was a tad difficult, so use your imaginations.  Maybe when Mr.Tot gets home.  Or if I set up the camera for a remote picture.  But don’t hold your breath.

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