Weeding the Cheez-Its

Mr. Tot and I have a little tradition that when one of us leaves town, the other works his or her butt off to get stuff done while the other is gone. So I’ve been busy for the last few days raking and weeding the entire yard, front and back. Though I haven’t been pulling weeds. No, I’ve been pulling grass. Mr. Tot spread weed and feed, but does it kill other kinds of grass? No. I think we need some programmable pesticides. We have this lovely Emerald Zoysia grass which is still mostly dormant, short, thin-leafed and brown. But it’s very apparent that other types of grass have invaded as all those tufts are tall, broad, and very green. We have polka-dotted grass. Whoever thought I would be picking grass out of my grass? Tot has been very helpful by beheading my pansies.

Needless to say, I’ve been getting a good work-out and am very, very tired. I really wanted to just soak in a hot bath, but I couldn’t. I was afraid I might drown.

Did I mention I gave up Cheez-its and shopping at my favorite thrift store for Lent? It was tough. I kind of cheated with goldfish, but that was Tot’s fault. She was desperate for some. But I managed to avoid my bargain hunting the entire time. It helped that I was out of town for almost a month of it, but hey, considering how often I was going, this was truly an achievement. So yesterday, (Easter Day), Lent was officially over. I was, of course, prepared. I opened an individual serving size of my little orange buddies. Whoosh, they disappeared pretty darn quick, but I did have help. Tot is addicted as well, and despite the hiatus from eating them, she did not forget how delicious they were. The second bag went pretty quick too. Tot asked for more, so I was obliged to open a third. I drew the line there, and proceeded to fall into a Cheez-it-induced coma. Or maybe a combination of grass-pulling exhaustion and pure Cheez-it bliss, I’m not sure. And yes, today, right after my water aerobics, I wen shopping and spent a whopping $35, but took home half the store. Okay maybe not quite that much, but close. Oh, the joy.

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