What a Difference a Day makes!

Seems like just yesterday that Tot was falling off a sheep… well maybe a month ago in Arkansas.

But these pictures were taken Thursday when it got up to 64 degrees.  The park was a busy place.

And yesterday, we got snow – about 3-4 inches.  These were taken this morning.  If it hadn’t turned to sleet, we cold have had 9 -12 inches of the fluffy stuff.  Gotta enjoy it while it lasts, ’cause it won’t be long.  After an hour of bundling up, we managed to get out the door but she could barely move.  The well known Michelin Man syndrome.  Notice the resemblance?

First came the long walk, where mom had to carry the Tot, because Mr.Tot had gone back to get the car for the return trip, and Tot insisted on making snow angels and walking in the deep snow at a rate of 2 inches per hour.  I carried her in order to not miss our neighbors who got there earlier, and not freeze in the rather heavy sleet.  Then came the olympic sledding portion of the program, which felt a bit like using your face as a snow plow, and led to the inevitable getting-back-up-the-hill phase.

It started this way….

And turned into this…

Which turned into this – apres-sled phase, but not before pitching a fit about making a snowman.  This changed to a snow bunny when the snow didn’t cooperate, but our snow bunny was pretty pathetic and she finally agreed to a hot chocolate consolation prize.  She was the only little kid who wasn’t complaining bitterly about the cold, though she did cry when I took her mittens off and her fingers started to defrost.

She’s already back outside on the porch and has gone through 3 pair of mittens so far and needed one rescue – simply to get up.   Mr.Tot is in the midst of his long winter’s nap.   And I in my cap… want one too.  But someone’s gotta make sure the Tot doesn’t become a Totsicle.  Speaking of which – she calls icicles “iselers” with no prompting whatsoever.  Iseler is my maiden name…

Late breaking melt down alert – Mom won’t come outside and blow bubbles with me – someone call Child Protective Services!!

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