Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow…

A few comments on yesterday before I launch in on my new day’s thoughts..

There were a few bright spots despite the utter bleakness of it all:

  • I bought a flat plus of only mostly dead” impatiens for ultra cheap which appealed to me greatly having just been reamed out of lots of green stuff – I like to grow my own green stuff even if I can’t spend it, I can still enjoy it.  Note: You HAVE to watch the video in that link if you haven’t seen “The Princess Bride”!!!  It’s hysterical.  ANd if you don’t like it, you need help….
  • Our cats – Whiney Bits and Pickles are now getting along – Woo Hoo!!! This is BIG NEWs as there were DIRE consequences early on in the meeting process, too dire to even mention here….  
  • Tot pulled out her own cherry pit that I missed from the supposedly cut and pitted cherries I gave her.  They grow up soo fast…. Kudos, she didn’t choke!!  That would have been ALL I needed yesterday – a trip to the emergency room BY MYSELF with Mr.Tot in freakin CHINA!!! with Tot turning blue, no purple.  Hey, Tot, you match the cherries….   GREAAAATTTT.  Mom of the YEAR.   Breath a BIG sigh of relief on THAT one.  Giving Thanks NOW… 


But ALSO, a few thoughts on all that negative stuff:

  • SHPS Healthcare spending account – when I went to their website, I came across their Ethics statement.  I’m thinking – WHAT Ethics??!!!!! The no-good-lousy-stinking-hang-onto-YOUR-money-at-all-costs-SCAMMERs.    
  • The IRS notice yesterday came with a mission statement, and I thought, Hmmm, I could write your mission statement for you…  “To make your life as MISERABLE as humanly possible…”  Although, it did end up being a SNAFU on the part of our tax attorney, so I cannot in all fairness blame the IRS as much as I would like to.  Evidently the receptionist went on maternity leave or some such LAME excuse and the temp was not exactly the model of efficiency or even, ummm, competency.  So, yes, they are paying all the late fees, stop payment fees, etc.  Wonder if I can throw in the flower therapy fees as well?


On advice of a friend, and simply because it was a brand new day (NOT yesterday), I was happy to focus on the goodness in my life this morning.  Some days my mental fortitude is better prepared to handle the stuff that gets thrown at me. Yesterday, I was a tad overwhelmed (drowning).  I find it really amazing that despite how absolutely wonderful my life can be, that if my brain cells aren’t in the right mosaic pattern to handle the day’s rollercoaster of issues, all that goodness doesn’t seem to count for squat.   With that said, I was bound and determined to have a good day.  I started it off right.  I only took one pill this morning – no poison control for me, no siree. (Yesterday I took 2 out of habit – but had started a new prescription with a higher dosage tablet)  I even managed to get a few pictures hung and things put away.   

Ants trekking across the great Sahara aka our breakfast area and dining room?  NO problemo – just vacuum them up, repeatedly.  


Enter downward turn into darkness

After yesterday when Tot was still awake at nearly midnight due to a very late naptime, I revised my idea of no pooltime in the hot part of the day.  I figured I would get her all worn out in the pool, and then do errands, prefereably those that can be done leaving her comfortably ensconced in her seat.  She’s bound to fall asleep. She NEEDS an earlier nap especially with all this fresh air and sunshine and pooltime.  No more napping until 7:30 crap.  So after the pool, we changed, and I loaded her up with water and snacks and books in her car seat, and we’re off.  Of course, I forgot my cell phone at home, 2 minutes away, so I pick that up and before we even leave again, she’s practicing the broken flower yoga position – you know – the one where your head bobs around on that broken flower stem?  Success!!!  So I drop off my IRS check at the post office and head for the credit union to stop payment on that first IRS check.  I pull up to the drive-through window and they inform me that I need to come inside to do a stop payment because I need to fill out a form.  Frick-A-FRACK!!!  So I pull around and take her in and sure enough, the screaming starts.  In a mistaken effort to calm her down, I unwittingly did the worst thing I could possibly do – offer her a lollipop.  The credit union which ALWAYS has lollipops is OUT of lollipops.  The lady had one, but alas it was the wrong kind.  The screaming increases ten fold on the Richter scale!  You can hear her in the next county.  I hand the lady my empty checkbook and point out the check I need stopped and walk away.  We weren’t even taking the place down, though I think they would have willingly given us all they had.  I didn’t fill out a single thing on that form other than to sign it.  She was wishing she had let me stay in that car and so was every other employee in that building.  Next time?  They’ll let me do it from the drive through – I guarantee it!!! 


Then I had to go photograph some houses.  Unfortunately this was not timed very well, and I forgot to bring extra water.  At least Tot had some, but I was getting hot and headachy. Although perhaps the headache was from all that screaming coming from the backseat.  I did try to to compete with the screaming by turning the music up to full volume, but I just couldn’t beat it.   When she finally decided that her crying wasn’t buying her anything, (and trust me, she gave it a good LONG try) she finally conceded that she would like that green substandard lollipop after all.  The rest of the photo shoot went okay, save for the fact that it was from 5 to 7 and then I got a bit sidetracked getting home, and okay we stopped at Trader Joe’s being out of our precious commodity of yogurt and all, so we got home just before 8pm.   So answer me one thing.  How in the world do people get their kids in bed by 6 or 7pm every night?  How is this possible?  Do they have a life?  Or just lots and lots of babysitters and/or relatives nearby?  We have neither.  Oh well, sorry Tot.  You can bill me for the therapy later.   


So, at 8pm, we get home, I have a raging headache, probably from too much sun, not enough water and no food.  I pop a OTC pill for it, and give the pups and Tot their potty break and work on dinner.   As I climb my way out of the day’s pit back towards the light, I find my goodness again….  Tot is in bed and seemingly asleep before 10 – WOO HOO, and I am spilling my guts to whoever is out there listening thereby letting it all go.  But most of all, I have a record of my thoughts, so when I can’t remember squat about these days, I can go back and enjoy it all over again….


I have learned that everyone has their cross to bear, but they might not be so visible.  Talking to friends who seem to have it all together, you hear that they are battling with issues that seem just devastating, whether legal or medical, or emotional.  Everybody has something to deal with.  Some more, some less, some now, some later, some green, some blue….

A lot of people think I am a saint for being a step mom to Piano Man.  But Mr.Tot does all the work and Piano Man is good natured.  He might be a handful for his single mom, but he’s not an issue for me.  I have other issues and plenty of them.  My issues come and go.  Among them  are my migraine related symptoms like hot flashes and sleep problems and memory spaz-outs – I know – no one else you know with Migraines complains of those symptoms but they SEEM to be related for me…. and have been since I was 13.   Where am I going with this?  I don’t know…  I ended my day on a good note actually.  So Bonus!  I even managed to do some actual work today.  And I no longer have a headache.  And I eventually remembered to feed the neighbor’s cat.  (A bit risky there.) Hmm, Bergylsnorpe is giving me the evil eye – guess it’s time for another potty break, and bed.  Tomorrow’s another day.  And it’s bound to be a good one.  Just have to adjust the attitude and fend off the nasties….

1 comment to Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow…

  • Sherri

    I had never seen Princess Bride until you mentioned it – how, I’ll never know (inconceivable!). Great movie!

    I feel you on the headache/migraine front. Mine were stroke-related and have since disappeared. I don’t recommend the solution.

    Your optimism is awesome – glad you ended on a high note and the all is looking up again!

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