You have entered the Twilight Zone

And no, I’m not talking about a vampire movie.  Gads, I don’t get the appeal.

No, I’m talking about the Tot receiving vibes from Piano Man.  Yesterday while we were doing errands, she told me, completely out of the blue, that she was worried about Piano Man.  She said it so earnestly that it gave me a shiver.  I asked her what she was worried about.  ”I dunno” was her reply.

Later that afternoon, we learned that Piano Man was admitted to the hospital.  Do you hear that twilight zone music?   After that, I asked Tot if she was still worried about her big brother, and she said yeah in such a sad heartbreaking way that it made me cry, both for her pain and for her big brother.

Today, we learned that Piano man should be okay, and we are all relieved.

And Tot seems to be sleeping much better tonight.  Who needs the phone to communicate when you’ve got a Tot tuning in the big brother vibes?

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