Tot turned 3.  End of the terrible twos?  Only if you bring on the thoroughly thrashing threes.   She has been a complete and utter diva, screaming and carrying on about every little thing and I’m ready to retire from motherhood.  Anybody want her?

Good thing she’s cute, or she would have been out with the trash by now.  I’ve been trying to run her ragged to get her to sleep at a reasonable hour and sleep through the night.  So one day after taking her to the park, I told Mr. Tot I was taking her to walk the dogs (’cause he has torn his ACL and can’t do it very easily).  He asked me if I was trying to kill her…   My response?  Kill or be killed — it’s her or me, baby.  Survival of the fittest, and I’m losing ground.

More when I can find an iota of energy.

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  • grandma marrgaret

    Don’t talk about my granddaughter like that — she couldn’[t POSSIBLY be any trouble (posted from a safe distance of 1500 miles) :-)

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